Best Way of Picking Exterior Paint Colors

Picking an exterior paint color for your house can feel shattering. The options seem endless and it’s hard to narrow down on a color scheme when you don’t know what you should be looking for. The interior of your home is where you can flex your personality and use your personal color preference while the exterior paint should be more about durability. You want paint that will last!

Stick with what you know and love!


First things first, decide what color tone you want. Do you want something light and bright, mid-tone, or dark for the body of your house? This is the easy part as most of us have some sort of vision that leans light or dark.

Light Tones would include all your earthy colors like white, beige, brown, and tan. Mid-tones are the ones in the middle of the spectrum and they are neither dark or light. These colors may appear muted or slightly dull but are easy on the eyes. Some Dark tones would include black, charcoal gray, navy, dark forest green and dark violet. Dark exteriors are perfect for homes surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Look at your home and take note of it’s personality and its surroundings! Do you have interesting architecture features you want to highlight? Is there existing stone or brick that you are keeping? Do you have a lot of colorful plants and shrubbery? What about the color of your roof? Think about working with the underlying colors within that material and stay away from ones that will clash. Some examples of colors that will clash with each other are: Red and purple. Brown and maroon. Brown and Black. Orange and Purple. Blue and Green. A good example of this would be, if you have a brown roof with green undertones you should stay away from painting your home blue!


At this point, if your home has underlying colors within existing material that you like and are drawn to, your decision should be pretty easy from here. If you have an HOA with pre-approved colors then simply look for a scheme that has the right tones you are looking for and then match the colors as closely as you can.

Don’t worry if you are still lost at this step. Do some research! Look at your HOA color schemes and browse Pinterest or Google for inspiration. Try searching phrases based off the style of your house like, “ranch style home exterior” or “Victorian home exterior.” You can also try searching terms like “light house exteriors” or “Dark  exterior houses.”

You have finally narrowed down on a color scheme or two. Now it’s time to get samples! Expect that your color will look a tone lighter than what you see on the color chip. Paint tends to look lighter when exposed to natural light. When painting up your samples, do it in several areas around the house and look at them at different times during the day so you can see it’s true color. With natural light also comes more color.  Once you paint those samples up you’re going to be able to see more of it’s underlying colors. Gray’s may look more purple or blue. Tan may seem a little more orange. Keep this in mind when picking colors and if you are worried about those colors coming through opt for a lighter tone within the same color family.

Make your decision! 

Stick with the colors and tones you know and love and if you ever think this all is so overwhelming then Feel Free to Contact HOUSTON’S PREMIER RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PAINTING COMPANY!

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